NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Davidson County Juvenile Court is tackling the issue of students loitering during school hours or not even showing up by giving hearings for those caught skipping.

The court started last year and has since processed 2,500 truancy petitions.

Getting kids off the street and into class is the goal of the daily hearing held every school day at the Metro Student Attendance Center (M-SAC) off Ellington Parkway in East Nashville.

A student is ordered to appear in front of Magistrate Jennifer Wade any time they are found out of school during school hours without being suspended or expelled.

The student’s parents or guardians must also appear.

“It definitely makes a difference for mom and dad, for sure, when we call and say, ‘You have to be here by 3 ‘o clock for our docket,” Magistrate Wade said. “Those calls are going to parents at work and to going to parents who thought their children were in school.”

When a police or court officer finds a student out of school, they take them to the M-SAC opposed to the juvenile detention center or giving them a citation.

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