Assessment Division

Who are we?

The primary purpose of the Assessment Division is to identify the individual needs of children and families referred to Juvenile Court and develop a plan of care with recommendations for intervention services to treat and rehabilitate the child, while providing quality and reliable evidence-based assessments. The goal is to assess every child that enters the Juvenile Court system in an effort to be more proactive in our approach to better serve the children and families of Davidson County. It is our belief that we can empower children and their families by establishing lasting relationships through rapport building and resource linkage.

What you can expect during this process?

  • An Assessment Specialist will be assigned to work closely with you and your child to better determine how the court can best serve your family over several weeks.
  • The Assessment Specialist will work with you and your child to identify specific needs and a plan of care will be developed.
  • Once the assessment process is complete, your Assessment Specialist will transfer your case to the assigned SIA Team member, who will be responsible for working with you and your child in implementing the plan of care established, provide case management services and be your primary point of contact during the remainder of your juvenile court involvement.

How can we help you and your child?

  • Feel free to contact your assigned Assessment Specialist during this process.
  • We encourage open and honest communication with your Assessment Specialist.
  • We will work to advocate for you and your child.
  • We will work with you and your child as well as with schools and other providers to identify specific needs.
  • We will conduct evidence based-assessments to determine appropriate intervention plans that are individualized to each child.

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