Parental Assistance Court

Parental Assistance Court

The Juvenile Court Parental Assistance Court (PAC) is a program designed to assist non-custodial parents and is the only program in Tennessee of its kind. Many times parents are charged with contempt and are facing jail time or a parent may have lost their job and is unable to obtain employment. PAC will assist these parents to overcome barriers that prevent them from paying their support.

PAC offers services such as court process education, job search assistance, coaching/mentoring, GED enrollment, mental health/substance abuse referrals, financial management, housing referrals, criminal record expungement, driver’s license reinstatement, mediation referrals, and conflict resolution between parties.

Through intensive monitoring, judicial review, and accessing community resources, PAC assists the non-custodial parent in overcoming these barriers and encourages the parent’s financial responsibility. PAC also empowers non-custodial parents to have healthy relationships with their children.

For additional information or assistance, please call 615-862-8000 and ask for a PAC Specialist.

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