Vision, Values, Mission

Vision / Values / Mission


Davidson County Juvenile Court strives to be the national model for juvenile justice by taking a holistic approach that promotes the health, well-being, and safety of children, families, and communities.


Davidson County Juvenile Court’s mission is to prevent problems, promote the positive potential in all people, and pursue fairness and hope.


Davidson County Juvenile Court holds the following to be true:

1. Every child has intrinsic value, regardless of their circumstances or behaviors;

2. Our programs are grounded in evidence-based best practices;

3. People make positive changes given the right opportunities and environment;

4. We work to create conditions that allow people to become their best selves;

5. We exhibit professionalism by acting respectfully toward others;

6. We promote systemic changes that improve the lives of our children and families; and,

7. Community safety is enhanced by fidelity to these values.