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Nashville-Davidson County’s Juvenile Court Judge Sheila Calloway, the Juvenile Court Magistrates, and the employees of Juvenile Court welcome you. Together we are responsible for making sure that every child and parent who passes through our court is met with justice, fairness, and hope. As described by Tennessee Code Annotated Section 37-1-101, the purpose of juvenile court is: “To provide for the care, protection, and wholesome moral, mental and physical development of the children coming within its provisions.” Using evidence based programs and services, Nashville’s Juvenile Court and the youth and families it serves are LEADING THE WAY.

Juvenile Court News: Tennessee County Takes New Approach to Juvenile Justice

From public news service – June 18, 2015, NASHVILLE, Tenn.

One Tennessee county is overhauling the way kids are treated in its juvenile justice system, in the hopes their futures will yield better, more successful results.

Davidson County is changing everything from what children wear when they’re in custody, to the job titles and roles of those they encounter as they complete the terms of their punishment.

Davidson County Judge Sheila Calloway helped create the new program, and she says it’s all about understanding the source a child’s problems – so those issues can be addressed. “We want to know what it is early on, so we can put in the proper services and proper interventions so the child can be successful,” she says. “We are attempting to prevent problems from happening early in the life of a child.”

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The following are types of cases Juvenile Court hears that fall within the municipal boundary of Davidson County.

  • Status Offenses: acts that are against the law only for minors (drinking alcohol, using tobacco, curfew violation, skipping school, running away, being unruly, etc..).
  • Dependency, Neglect, Abuse: when the health or safety of a minor is seriously threatened or if there is a possibility of the minor leaving the jurisdiction to avoid a court date. A minor may only be taken away from his family if there is no other way to ensure their safety.
    [TN Code 37-1-101 (a)(3)]
  • Parentage, Visitation and Child Support: cases involving the parents of children, including custody hearings and court ordered child support.
  • Delinquency: acts that would be crimes if committed by adults (traffic violations, theft, assault, disorderly conduct, vandalism, etc..).