Juvenile Court Staff Attends NCRC Award Breakfast

The Nashville Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) held its 6th Annual Mediation Matters Breakfast on September 7, 2023 at the Hillwood Country Club. Members of the Juvenile Court staff, including Dana Wolfe, Mary Ann Smith and Heather Oestreich were in attendance as they honored Kim Wolfe and Bette Christofersen for their efforts during the year. Also in attendance was the Juvenile Court Clerk, Lonnell Matthews. The NCRC is an important partner in our goal to bring a restorative approach to conflict resolution.

For the past 22 years, NCRC has partnered with the TN courts, schools and other organizations to provide free mediation services to low-income clients. Mediation is private and confidential, allowing successful participants to avoid eviction, further court or police involvement, loss of employment or school discipline.