Multi-Level Agencies Train for Coordinated Emergency Response

The Nashville Office of Emergency, Task Force 46 and many local agencies and organizations in Nashville and Davidson County are participating in a combined Homeland Defense and Defense response exercise, called the 2023 Nashville Dense Urban Terrain Exercise. An academic symposium for sharing best practices was held on August 8th and two days of interagency training with urban search and rescue, decontamination, medical treatment & triage, maritime and air transportation operations with conclude the exercise operations.

Juvenile Court Administrator, Jennifer Wade and Director of Security/Warrants Division, Michael Craig were present to learn best practices and develop inter-department synergy to better respond to any city-wide emergency. Metro Nashville Fire Department Director Chief, William Swann, spoke with our Court staff and pledged to continue his close work with Judge Sheila Calloway to ensure the safety of our youth in the event of an emergency.