Academies of Nashville 2023 Business Conference

The Academies of Nashville recently held its annual Business Conference at the Martin Professional Development Center in the historic Eakin School building. Judge Sheila Calloway was the keynote speaker, and she brought an empowering message to the over 200 young scholars in attendance. Juvenile Court is a proud partner of the Academies of Nashville through its Youth Court program. Currently, the Court oversees Youth Courts in 6 Metro Nashville high schools.

The Academies of Nashville have been recognized by the White House as a national high school transformation model and provide students with one of the best college and career prep experiences in the nation. Every student in the 12 zoned Academies of Nashville schools have a choice of 35 different academies. Whether a student is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or engineering, every academy will enhance the students high school experience while preparing them with skills applicable to any career field.