Court Security

Juvenile Court has full-time security personnel who are stationed at the main entrance of the Juvenile Justice Center. Our goal is to ensure the safety of Juvenile Court while facilitating your entry into the building.

Unless authorized, all persons must go through entrance screening each and every time they enter the building.

Court Entrance Screening Process

When entering the building, remove any metal items from your pockets and your person. This includes metal belt buckles, watches, cell phones, coins, or any other item that will not clear the metal detection equipment.

Place your personal property, including laptop, in a plastic bin or on the conveyor belt.

You may be asked to remove contents from your bag for security inspection. Please comply will all requests of the security officer.

If you have medical concerns, discuss them with the screening officer.

Proceed through the walk through metal detector.

If you trigger the detector’s alarm, you will be asked to remove any objects you may have missed and walk through the metal detector again.

The security officer may also use a hand wand to detect any metal on your person.

No unauthorized objects will be allowed into the court building.

Security officers and court personnel are not allowed to hold any prohibited item for you. Should you bring any such item into the screening area, security personnel will require you to return the item to your car or throw it away via the security officer. All discarded property will be inventoried for destruction.

Prohibited Items

Items prohibited by Juvenile Court include, but are not limited to:

  • Guns
  • Explosives (law enforcement will be contacted)
  • Knives of any length
  • Sharp objects including fingernail files, tweezers, knitting, crochet needles & razor blades
  • Pepper spray
  • Tasers
  • Handcuff keys

Please note: This list is not exhaustive and security has full discretion when deciding what may or may not be brought into the courthouse.